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Liquor and Licences!

There are only 2 reasons an officiant can't marry you. That is if you are drunk or you don't have a licence! Here is some information about the wedding licence:

1. You can get your licence 90 days before your wedding. Do not wait until the week before.

- What if they don't accept your ID: You need a valid drivers licence, passport, birth certificate and/or one other piece of ID like a Health Card. A new health card with a picture on it. If you don't have this you are looking at around 4-6 weeks to get a new one

2. Where to get a licence: If you are getting married in Ontario- you can get it anywhere in Ontario!

- Here are some prices:

Selwyn - $120

Norwood $100

Hastings $120

Ptbo $135

Cavan $125

Kawartha $128.75

Cobourg $125

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