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Wedding Games to keep your Guests having Fun.

Want everyone to have nothing but fun at your special event? Fill it with these fun, must-play wedding games that are sure to score big with your guests. I was at a wedding this weekend for Emily and James and they had a variety of games for guests while they got pictures done. It was such a fantastic idea I thought I would share it!

Get—and keep—your guests engaged and entertained during your wedding day’s downtime with wedding games! Offering wedding games to play can keep guests entertained while you and your wedding party are off being photographed, making the meet-and-greet rounds, or changing outfits from ceremony pretty to party perfect. And if you’ve got friends and family who’ve never met one another, wedding reception games can be a fantastic way to break the ice—just don’t overdo it; remember, it is still a wedding, and the focus should be on you! Unsure how to tow the line between super fun and just plain silly? Check out our comprehensive guide to the best wedding games for your crowd.

Take advantage of beautiful weather and a gorgeous outdoor venue by kicking off the post-ceremony celebration with wedding lawn games. Set up on the grass for couples or groups, yard games for weddings are not only fun to play but can also act as an extension of your décor.

  1. Ring Toss: Honor the exchanging of rings with the wedding games version of ring toss. Available now at many hardware stores and even Costco- but you can easily make the game with some odds and ends around the house.

  2. Bean Bag throw: This gem was made with a little paint a hole and a bean bag. What a great idea!

3. Ladder Golf: Another popular game played at parking lot parties, ladder golf is fun for two or more people to play. Teams take turns throwing bolas (two golf balls attached at either end of a nylon rope) at the ladder. First team to 21 points wins! This couple below was having a very competitive match!

4. Giant Jenga: Marriage is a game of balance, and no game better represents that than Jenga. Get some 2x4's sand them

up and stack'em. This fella below is just itching for a game!

5. Bocce: Have your Guests chasing that little white Pallina or Pino all over. Bocce is played with eight large balls and one smaller target or object ball called a pallina. There are four balls per team and they are made of a different color or pattern to distinguish the balls of one team from those of the other team.

5. Wedding shoe game: A wedding I was a part of recently did the wedding shoe game. Check this idea for the bride and groom from this link.

6. Don't forget the kids:

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